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“In every person there is unlimited talent, skill and creativity, that when unleashed creates unprecedented possibilities” says Sandy Asch. Whether explaining how to build a resilient organization, sharing backstage stories from the San Diego Zoo, or speaking on her personal stories of success, Sandy’s experience and expertise always shine through.

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Sandy’s presentations are rich in original content and highly interactive, to provoke deep thought, challenge old paradigms, stimulate meaningful dialogue and cause immediate application. As you can see from this video, participants in Sandy’s keynotes ROAR with purpose and passion. 30,000 leaders in 350+ companies in 50 countries and 6 languages have implemented Sandy Asch’s strategies to: embrace change; navigate mergers; drive engagement; improve performance; balance work and life; and manage stress.

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From CBS News to INC. Magazine, HR Magazine to Hotel Business Review, Sandy Asch is in the news.


Watch Sandy’s CBS news interview, the ROAR book launch at the San Diego Zoo and clips on resilience.


Audiences from around the world are raving about Sandy’s keynotes. Hear what they say.

Best-Selling Book

To thrive in the dynamic global economy, you need to build organizational resilience – the ability to quickly adapt to disruptions while continuing to grow and build brand equity. Roar: How to Build a Resilient Organization the World-Famous San Diego Zoo Way looks at the world-famous San Diego Zoo’s high-performance culture, and how any organization can follow its example to achieve exceptional influence and success. Using an innovative Resilience at Work ™ model, this book offers inspiration and actionable guidance to get your team ROARING WITH PURPOSE AND PASSION.