Roar Leadership Experience

Let Your Roar Be Heard

Join leaders from around the U.S. for the ROAR Leadership Experience.

Attend the next open enrollment program in the Gorilla Treehouse at the Houston Zoo, March 11-12, 2020. Get the skills and tools you need to be more resilient in this 1.5-day transformation leadership experience.


Are you eager to thrive through crisis, chaos and change?

Do you want to have a deeper sense of purpose and greater fulfillment?
Are you hungry for new ways to improve your team’s engagement and performance?
Do you want to achieve your next level of leadership mastery?
“What an amazing experience. I can’t even believe that I was fortunate enough to be a part of this! My mental state is stronger and more powerful than ever! Not only will I ROAR! But others will hear me Roar as well!”
“I’m more physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, relationally and value resilient. As the saying goes, I am woman. Hear me roar!”

“This program went FAR beyond what I anticipated. I feel connected to all who participated. We got deeply ‘to the heart’ of matters, without superficiality. Bravo. Gratitude.”

“The materials, slides, tight design and messaging, room set-up, thought that went into the various aspects of the experience was stunning. “

Let Your Roar Be Heard

Save your spot at the ROAR Leadership Experience, March 11-12, 2020 in Houston, TX.

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