“Sandy’s opening keynote at the Berkshire Hathaway HR Leadership Conference was clear, insightful and provided precise take aways. The San Diego Zoo story is a perfect backdrop to teach the importance of resilience.”

Mark Thom, Chairman & CEO, MiTek Industries Inc.

“Insightful, inspiring and perfectly delivered. I highly recommend Sandy as a speaker to anyone looking to inject energy, passion and direction into their organization and even their personal life.”

HR Leader, Baker Hughes

“You were amazing! I honestly can’t think of a more perfect way to have wrapped up the conference. You did a brilliant job of bringing the ROAR story to life for the audience in a really personal and engaging way.”

Managing Director, LEAP HR Hansonwade

“Outstanding topic. Outstanding presenter.”

Board Member, Luby’s & Memorial Hermann

“Sandy’s was the best session I attended during the two-day Women’s Energy Network conference.”

Executive Director, Denver Petroleum Club

“Clear, simple message packed with value. Extremely well delivered. “

Ellen Sheehan, Executive Director, UCLA Harrt

“Sandy is a powerful and dynamic speaker. Her talk on resilience is extremely relevant and well based in real life stories and examples. Excellent session!”

Chief Human Resources Officer, Cheniere Energy

“By utilizing Sandy’s concepts, one can successfully lead in the ever-changing business climate that the world demands today. A refreshing approach from an inspirational leader in her own right.”

Executive Vice President, ECOLAB

“Sandy is an engaging speaker and her message resonates with everyone. Her presentation was a great way to start the day and set the pace for our conference.”

Danielle Turner, Business Manager, Cigna Global

“Sandy’s keynote on leadership and resilience was beyond relevant for leaders in our current environment.”

Vice President of Human Resources, LPL Financial


“Amazing workshop and speaker! Sandy’s presentations are engaging, impactful, and FUN! Participants leave feeling empowered with new skills that not only help them build on their own personal resilience but reenergized to focus on making their own business or company a “roaring” success!”

Former Executive Vice President, Major National Bank

“I had the privilege of sharing the agenda with Sandy Asch at a Women in Banking Conference.  She’s a dynamic speaker and provides useful take aways. Because her presentation is interactive, her suggestions seem to stick in the front of mind. I walked away feeling inspired and committed to change.”


Vice Chair, American Bankers Association

“Sandy Asch recently was the keynote speaker at the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber conference. I found the four points specifically mentioned for women executives to be extremely helpful.”

Business Development Executive, PKF Texas

“I had the honor of participating in a resilience workshop presented by Sandy Asch. From the moment she started speaking she captured us with engaging stories. Her workshop was filled with research and sound guidance on how we can be more resilient as women in leadership. If you have the opportunity to attend an event featuring Sandy, do yourself a favor and don’t miss it.”

Chief Diversity Officer, LPL Financial