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Keynote Speaker Sandy Asch
Best-Selling Author  | TEDx Women Speaker

Sandy's resilience keynote presentation has audiences ROARing!

Sandy’s Resilience Keynotes get audiences ROARing with purpose and passion

Keynote Speaker Sandy Asch

We’ve never been taught to deal with the kind of pressures and complexity we’re facing in the current business environment.

In this rapidly changing and uncertain business environment your team’s success depends on ONE thing – how resilient they are.

Sandy’s resilience keynotes will inspire your team to think big, take bold action and produce outstanding results regardless of the circumstances.

Participants in Sandy’s keynotes upgrade their ability to:

  • Feel connected and “on purpose”
  • Stay calm and positive
  • Develop a proactive mindset
  • Create healthy balance
  • Be more resilient!


Sandy Asch’s resilience keynotes are based on 25+ years work advising companies on how to develop resilient leaders and create great places to work.

Her Resilience at Work model offers an holistic and systematic approach to building resilience on five dimensions: emotional, physical, relational, mental and value resilience.

These resilience ideas have been successfully implemented to create enterprise-wide cultural transformation, and resulted in ten best place to work awards for client companies.

As a best-selling business author and woman of influence, Sandy Asch is an inspiring and dynamic storyteller. She transforms mindsets and workplace culture with each and every Resilience keynote.

  • Amazing workshop and speaker! Sandy’s presentations are engaging, impactful, and FUN! Participants leave feeling empowered with new skills that not only help them build on their own personal resilience but reenergized to focus on making their own business or company a “roaring” success!
    Suzie Jones
    Executive Vice President
  • “Outstanding topic. Outstanding presenter.”
    Gasper Mir
    Chairman of the Board
  • “Best speaker I’ve ever heard! I still read through my notes from Sandy’s presentation at least once a week.”
    Jessica Mock
    Senior Transportation Manager
  • "A powerful and dynamic speaker.”
    Hilary Ware
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • “Sandy was amazing! I honestly can’t think of a more perfect way to have wrapped up the conference. She did a brilliant job of bringing the ROAR story to life for the audience in a really personal and engaging way.”
    Gareth Pearce
    Managing Director

Resilience Keynote Topics

Unleash Your Roar

The 5 secrets to being wildly successful in challenging times

Bring calm focus, balance and energy to your work regardless of the circumstances, unleash your powerful energy, and create a future of joy and purpose.


Leading in a post pandemic world

Explore the five important pivots leaders must make to succeed in a complex, uncertain business environment and keep employees engaged & wildly productive.


How women transcend the challenges of the COVID world & boldly succeed

Women are inspired to Step UP, Show Up and Speak Up  to emerge stronger, wiser and more successful and let their ROAR be heard!

Be Bold

The surprising truth about how women rise up in leadership

Embrace your flaws as your greatest asset, step out on the “skinny” branches, be bolder and more confident as you advance in leadership and let your ROAR be heard.


Creating a “SPEAK UP culture”

Create a resilient culture where truth, trust and transparency are celebrated, psychological safety is embraced and your team feels safe to fail, admit failure or point out errors.

Fork in the Road

How great leaders inspire change and achieve extraordinary success

Cultivate true change “embrace-ability,” increase the odds of your change initiative’s success by creating an exponential (XO) growth mindset.

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