Accelerate, Rebound & Thrive (ART)

Accelerate, Rebound & Thrive (ART)

Create a bright new future after the coronavirus

When this first phase of the coronavirus crisis has passed, businesses will start to re-open and the economy will sputter to life. But, it won’t be as if someone hits a button and things instantly reset to the way they were. Businesses will have to prepare for this new landscape. The time to get ready for this critical transition period is NOW.


How will you use lessons learned in COVID19 as a springboard to strengthen your business?


Do you have a robust plan to accelerate business and REBOUND quickly ? 


How will you re-energize sales & recover financially?


What do you need to consider to ensure your company thrives in the “new world?”

Take time to rethink every aspect of your business

Leverage the Covid-19 crisis to strengthen & grow 

W…t… are you going to do to get your business back on track FAST

5 things to think about RIGHT NOW to plan a strong comeback

How will you recover financially and generate sustainable revenue and profitability?

What will it take to fully re-engage your current customers or acquire new ones?

How will you re-recruit your employees – get them back in the building head & heart producing outstanding results?

Which business processes, products or services will you need to redesign for the new business landscape?

How can you use this opportunity to reshape your organization’s future & rally stakeholders around your purpose?

  • "Sandy Asch helped us energize our employees and create a great place to work. Guest satisfaction scores improved to a 100-year high and revenue increased by 23%."
    Tim Mulligan
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • "TRANSFORM has been one of the highlights of my career. The changes in Houston Public Works so far are just a glimpse of where we will be in a year, two years, five years! We may not roar like lions, but we make life possible everyday in Houston."
    Carol Ellinger Haddock
  • "In a 24-month period we increased profitability by 78%, reduced turnover by 60%, improved quality by 24% and strengthened employee engagement by more than 10%."
    John Schierer
    Vice President Human Resources
  • "Our partnership with Sandy Asch was key to the success of our merger. She helped us to establish a common language and shared vision that brought our two teams together."
    Kevin Friar
    Executive Vice President

This isn’t our first rodeo

Our process works and it works incredibly well in any sector

Reshaping the future

The Transform initiative at Houston Public Works is transforming the culture to create a world-class organization.

Sparking exponential thinking

Morley employees establish big goals and ignite a movement to strengthen their brand and attract top talent.

A picture’s worth a 1000 words

Map your new future

Our expert graphic recorder develops a digital visual roadmap to guide your path forward. Use it to keep your team focused and share your growth story.

Get Ready for the New Normal
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“Most strategic processes skip mindset and jump right into strategy. But, if you don’t cultivate the right mindset first, it doesn’t matter how elaborate or expensive your strategy is, it won’t fulfill on your expectations. It’s like baking a cake in an ungreased pan. You’re left with messy crumbles and a lot of disappointment.”

– Sandy Asch

Let us help you accelerate your rebound NOW!

Together let’s paint a bright new future to springboard your organization forward

Click on the numbers to learn more about each phase


Create the right mindset

Get ready for exponential growth

Rally your team & get it done

Activate your resources


The best-selling story of how Sandy Asch helped the world famous San Diego Zoo weather crisis and emerge stronger and more resilient

Our team, your guides

Activate our expert team of advisors to create exponential growth

Sandy Asch

Sandy Asch is a best-selling author, TEDx speaker, consultant and woman of influence award winner. Her book, ROAR, was named by INC magazine as one of the best business books written by a woman. Over the past 20 years, through keynote presentations and workshops, 40,000+ leaders in 50 countries and 6 languages have implemented Sandy’s ideas to embrace change, manage work-life balance and be more resilient- to ROAR with purpose and passion.

Melissa Master-Holder

Melissa Master-Holder, (aka Mmh) is a recognized Human Capital leader with 25+ years of experience & passion for talent and organizational innovation.  Mmh isn’t focused on doing things, she  focuses on uncovering the value in what the thing makes us do, she believes in doing the hard right things — all of which make her a trusted business partner.

Sonny Brandtner

Sonny Brandtner brings a unique and practical approach to financial resilience with 25+ years experience specializing in Enterprise Risk Management, fraud risk assessments, internal controls and process improvement have made him a trusted advisor and partner with Deloitte, Director at PWC and now Partner, Advisory Services, with Briggs & Veselka – a top 1% accounting firm.

David Winkelman

David is one of 250 visual facilitators worldwide that maximize creative visuals to accelerate greater productivity. A published photographer, graphic designer, and author, Winkelman has helped facilitate over 100 corporate strategic planning events, including NASA, Boeing, Kellogg, Coco Cola, HP, two large NYC hospitals, insurance firms, E&, and the US Navy.

Get Ready for the New Normal
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