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Sandy’s keynotes are all customizable and can fit 45 to 60-minutes (or longer) time slots. Be sure to ask about breakout workshops for in-depth learning and action planning, and don’t forget a ROAR book signing!

As a best-selling business author and woman of influence, Sandy Asch is an inspiring and dynamic storyteller. She transforms mindsets and workplace culture with each and every keynote.


UNLEASH YOUR ROAR: The 5 secrets for a joyful, purpose-filled work life

Feel more like the Lion King and his pride rather than Scar the rogue lion and the dejected hyenas. Learn to take care of your “pride” and master your fate to become king or queen of the “jungle” aka the workplace. Sandy uses lessons from the animal kingdom and real stories from the San Diego Zoo and other organizations that unleashed their ROAR – going from “just another day at work” to roaring with purpose and passion. Sandy will show you how to bring contagious joy and energy to your work, unleash your own powerful energy, and create a new future full of joy and purpose!

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BE RESILIENT: Lessons from the world-famous San Diego Zoo on how to thrive at work (and in life)

Respond to rising demands and stress at work and in life. Supercharge your resilience and build a resilient team that ROARS with purpose and passion. Based on the best-selling book ROAR: How to build a resilient organization the world famous San Diego Zoo way, Sandy gives you the insider’s guide to how to achieve great results and feel fulfilled.

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BE BOLD: The surprising truth about how women rise up in leadership

Women don’t have to become more like men to achieve great success. Quite the opposite! Sandy gives women leaders the inspiration and tools to leverage their natural leadership strengths to rise up– she shares why flaws and failures are women’s greatest assets, explores how to be bolder and more confident, and provides practical tools to expand your influence as a woman in leadership.

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FORK IN THE ROAD: How great leaders inspire change

Change and disruption are rapidly accelerating across every facet of business. Do you want to simply adapt to change, or lead change? Sandy shows you how to lead your team through change and substantially increase the odds of your change initiative’s success. Sandy gives you the tools to cultivate true change “embrace-ability.”

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TAKE BACK LUNCH: The 3 habits you must develop to prevent burnout & balance work with life

Far too many of us have bought into the belief that the best way to keep up with demand is to work all of the time. Sandy guides an exploration on how to take back control of your time and energy, discover what’s distracting you and causing fatigue and stress, and how to develop clear boundaries to stay healthy and balanced.

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  • "Amazing speaker! Sandy’s presentations are engaging, impactful, and FUN! Participants leave feeling empowered with new skills that not only help them build on their own personal resilience but reenergized to focus on making their own business or company a 'roaring' success!”
    Suzie Jones
    Executive Vice President
  • “Outstanding topic. Outstanding presenter.”
    Gasper Mir
    Chairman of the Board
  • “Best speaker I’ve ever heard! I still read through my notes from Sandy’s presentation at least once a week.”
    Jessica Mock
    Senior Transportation Manager
  • "A powerful and dynamic speaker.”
    Hilary Ware
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • “Sandy was amazing! I honestly can’t think of a more perfect way to have wrapped up the conference. She did a brilliant job of bringing the ROAR story to life for the audience in a really personal and engaging way.”
    Gareth Pearce
    Managing Director

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