Rich in content and highly interactive, Sandy’s keynotes provoke deep thought, challenge old paradigms, stimulate meaningful dialogue and spark immediate application. She brilliantly weaves real-world case studies and stories through her presentation with a focus on long-term impact and ‘stickiness’.


Lessons in resilience from the world-famous San Diego Zoo
We need a new paradigm to equip workers to effectively respond to the demands and stress of accelerated change, radical uncertainty and unprecedented unpredictability – to be resilient – in a changing marketplace. In ROARING WITH PURPOSE, you will get an insider’s guide to how resilient leaders magnetize top talent, spark genius, incubate innovative ideas, and establish a sense of community that creates massive value for all stakeholders.


RISE UP gives women leaders the inspiration and tools they need to navigate the change, stress and uncertainty of the demanding workplace. To achieve their goals and maintain quality of life and a lasting sense of fulfillment. Learn why flaws and failures are your greatest asset, explore how to be bolder and more confident and take away practical tools and tips to expand your influence as a woman in leadership.

FORK IN THE ROAD: How to lead through change

While most leaders have come to accept that change management is a priority, few organizations have actively integrated change as a core discipline. In fact, two-thirds of large-scale change efforts fail. In FORK IN THE ROAD learn how to cultivate true change embraceability, how to successfully lead your team through change and substantially increase the odds of your change initiative’s success while avoiding change fatigue.

USE YOUR WORD WISELY: How to influence others and produce extraordinary results

The great physician and humanitarian, Albert Schweitzer was once asked, “What does it take to create a life worth leading?” His answer: “The skin of a rhino and the soul of an angel.” When you are willing to speak out and able to withstand criticism from others, when you are boldly honest and radically transparent, you build trust and loyalty. When you use your words wisely you influence others and inspire possibility.