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Sandy’s in-person and virtual keynotes are all customizable and can fit 45 to 60-minutes (or longer) time slots. Be sure to ask about breakout workshops for in-depth learning and action planning, and don’t forget a ROAR book signing or 21-day Resilience Team Challenge.

As a best-selling business author and woman of influence, Sandy Asch is an inspiring and dynamic storyteller. She transforms mindsets and workplace culture with each and every keynote.


NEW!! HOLDING YOUR GROUND: How women can transcend the challenges of the COVID world & boldly succeed

These are exciting times for women. We are being urged and encouraged to be BOLD, to rise up and let our voices be heard. But, pandemic burdens are putting our hard fought gains in leadership and pay equity at risk. Through childhood stories observing the lioness in the wild, Sandy Asch puts out a call to all women to transcend the challenges of the COVID world and emerge stronger, wiser, and more successful- to let their ROAR be heard.

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NEW!! 5 PIVOTS: Leading in a post-pandemic world

In the “COVID-19 world” leaders are being challenged by massive amounts of complexity and demands they’ve never been taught to deal with. Are your leaders adequately equipped to lead through radical change & uncertainty? Do they have a clear plan to keep their teams focused, engaged and wildly productive? In this inspiring keynote filled with real world case studies and success stories Sandy will share the 5 pivots leaders need to make in order to succeed in this new business landscape.

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NEW!! SPARKING EXPONENTIAL GROWTH: Inspiring your team to STEP up and produce outstanding results

At a time when many people are thinking small, holding back, hoping and waiting, you can either give in to fear and uncertainty or defy the odds. You can use this complex and uncertain time to accelerate your and your team’s growth — to become wiser, stronger and wildly effective, to produce outstanding results. Sandy shares inspiring ideas on how to leverage these challenging times to spark exponential (XO) growth for yourself and your team and uplevel your success. ROAR!

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NEW!! THE POWER OF SOFT STRENGTH: How women influence change

Changing the world doesn’t require than women become more like men. Rather, it demands that women own and exercise their natural power and unique leadership abilities to influence change through soft strength. In this inspiring keynote delivered at TEDx women, Sandy empowers and emboldens women to take a cue from the lioness, to embrace their strengths and rise up in leadership – to let their ROAR be heard.

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UNLEASH YOUR ROAR: The 5 secrets to success in an uncertain world

Spark your and your team’s energy and positivity. In this inspiring keynote Sandy uses lessons from the animal kingdom and real stories from the world famous San Diego Zoo and other organizations that unleashed their employees’ ROAR – going from a deflated work environment to roaring with passion again. Sandy will show you how to bring contagious joy and energy to your work, unleash your powerful purpose, and create a future of joy, and be RESILIENT.

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BE BOLD: The surprising truth about how women rise up in leadership

Sandy gives women leaders the inspiration and tools to leverage their natural leadership strengths to rise up in the business world with joy and passion. Through her personal stories and examples from thousands of women leaders she has coached, women learn why their flaws and failures are their greatest assets, explore how to be bolder and more confident. Be empowered to step out on your “skinny branches” – to play full out and be invited to sit at “the table.”

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FORK IN THE ROAD: Leading through change

Change and disruption are rapidly accelerating across every facet of business. Do you want to simply adapt to change, or lead change? Sandy shows you how to lead your team through change and substantially increase the odds of your change initiative’s success. Gain the tools you need to cultivate true change “embrace-ability” by creating an exponential (XO) growth mindset that fuels innovation, creativity and deep engagement to produce outstanding results.

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NEW!! FEARLESS: Creating a “SpeakUP” culture

Imagine a workplace where every employee brings their whole self to work everyday, and every voice is heard fully and freely. When you create a FearLESS workplace, your team feels safe to speak up, share wild ideas, admit mistakes and uses failure as a force for good. This is how you spark innovation, boost team performance and improve business outcomes. Learn how to establish a SpeakUP culture where trust and belonging flourish, inclusion and diversity thrive and employee performance soars.  

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  • Amazing workshop and speaker! Sandy’s presentations are engaging, impactful, and FUN! Participants leave feeling empowered with new skills that not only help them build on their own personal resilience but reenergized to focus on making their own business or company a “roaring” success!
    Suzie Jones
    Executive Vice President
  • “Outstanding topic. Outstanding presenter.”
    Gasper Mir
    Chairman of the Board
  • “Best speaker I’ve ever heard! I still read through my notes from Sandy’s presentation at least once a week.”
    Jessica Mock
    Senior Transportation Manager
  • "A powerful and dynamic speaker.”
    Hilary Ware
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • “Sandy was amazing! I honestly can’t think of a more perfect way to have wrapped up the conference. She did a brilliant job of bringing the ROAR story to life for the audience in a really personal and engaging way.”
    Gareth Pearce
    Managing Director

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