Be Bold

The #beBOLD campaign is a tribute to women leaders around the world who want to be powerful catalysts for change – at work, in the community and in life. Now more than ever we must get out on the “skinny branches”  and be courageous. We must take a stand, speak out and rise up in leadership. Follow the #beBOLD campaign here, on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook. Share your #beBOLD comments and stories to inspire others.

Sandy is speaking around the nation on this topic to empower women in the workplace. Inquire here to book her for your next event. Join Sandy for her BE BOLD keynote at the Linkage Women In Leadership Institute in November 2018 where 1000 global women leaders will gather to change the landscape of leadership.

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Stay True to Yourself

Stay True to Yourself Resilience is far more than your ability to bounce back from setbacks. How long can you keep on trampolining? Resilience comes from practicing the right mindset, skillset and toolset so you can stay true to yourself regardless of the...

Give Up Over Rowing

Give Up Over Rowing You’re smart enough, strong enough and experienced enough. Stop working more hours than you have to, asserting louder than necessary and explaining longer than required. You’re enough. Really.


Prime Maybe it’s just five or ten minutes while you’re in the shower or drinking your morning coffee. You take a couple of deep breaths, scan your body to let go of stress and set your intentions for the day. You prime yourself. When you do it helps you respond not...

Right Beyond Your Fear is Freedom

Right Beyond Your Fear is Freedom When you act despite your fear, the fear no longer has power over you. You become free.  Often times your best experiences and biggest growth lie just beyond your fear. Step out on the skinny branch.

Embrace Your Fears & Failures

Embrace Your Fears & Failures We’ve all faced situations when we were less than our finest, when we failed or let fear get the better of us. But, when you embrace your fears and failures you become wiser and stronger. You become a better leader.

Never Settle

Never Settle Fear is one of the biggest challenges women face in the workplace. We fear being taken seriously, being inadequate or balancing work and family. This often leads to self-doubt and loss of confidence. Then we try to compensate for these feelings by being...

Don’t Play It Safe

Don't Play It Safe When you play it safe and keep your head down, doing just what your job requires you stay employed, but you miss out on opportunities. You get left behind, and you don’t become that catalyst for the kind of change the world so needs.

Velcro to Other Women

Velcro to Other Women   Women need to stick together and have each other’s backs in this crazy business environment. We need to be “velcroed” to each other. When we embrace each other, learn from each other and help each other, we are more willing to get out on...

Don’t Sacrifice Your Authenticity for Approval

Don't Sacrifice Your Authenticity for Approval   Someone is always going to have an opinion about what you’re doing or saying. When you become independent of the good opinion of others you are free to be yourself – wholly and completely. And, what can be more...

Skinny Branches

Skinny Branches   When I was a little girl, I was bold and daring, I loved to climb trees and be adventurous. I was fearless. I stepped out on the skinny branches with complete confidence, certain I could change the world. Then when I grew up, I became more...

Feminine is Powerful

Feminine is Powerful   In the workplace men often have the power, but women are typically more powerful. When you tap into the empathetic, emotional and nurturing aspects of your leadership style, you build loyalty, spark drive and build ambition among others -...

Catalyst for change

Catalyst for change Changing the business world doesn’t require women to become more like men. Rather it demands that women own and exercise what have long been regarded as their best leadership abilities – authenticity, connectedness and compassion– because those...