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The ROAR Leadership Program is powerful, relevant, and engaging—it’s also fun to deliver. Discover how the skills taught in the ROAR program help participants be more resilient —and enable your organization to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

The Roar Certification Process

Here are the steps to becoming a certified ROAR facilitator:

Step 1: Obtain Provisional Certification

  • Attend the full ROAR program.
  • Complete the Facilitator Certification course. 

Step 2: Become a Certified Facilitator

  • Facilitate two programs within twelve months.

Step 3: Maintain Skills

  • Continue facilitating the program as often as possible.
  • Attend facilitator updates.

“Watching Sandy in action. I pride myself in ‘picking up’ techniques from great facilitators – and I picked so much. I have done this type of work for over 30 years and there are many things that I can learn and model from Sandy. I hope she takes me under her wing as a mentee and allows me to support her in a course while at the same time absorbing so much of her demonstrated talent!!”

ROAR Certification Program

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Trainer Certification

Certification and training for learning and development professionals who want to facilitate Sandy’s work with clients and groups.

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