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We approach every project with passion and purpose

Our team is emphatic that every person has unlimited creativity, talent and skill. And, when you (and every leader in your organization) master the art of unlocking and harnessing that potential, your company will transform and thrive. It’s that simple. Really!

Sheila Armitage, Certified Facilitator

For 25 years Sheila has coached and consulted in diverse business sectors with Fortune 10 companies to small businesses, public sector organizations, and non-profits. Noticing increased personal and organizational levels of stress, and talent turnover, Sheila researched and developed a resilience model, assessment, and programs to boost individual, team and organizational agility. She continues to research, speak and publish on the business benefits of redesigning workplaces for resiliency and agility.

Elizabeth Bayee, Certified Facilitator

Elizabeth’s passion for teaching others includes seeing the amazing confidence people gain in all areas of their lives from learning new skills. She consults with organizations to build management development programs utilizing her passion for learning and development. Elizabeth is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance as has as a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. She is honored to be a part of the resilience team to share the life-changing concepts of resilience in the workplace with others.

Joy Furhman, Consultant

Dr. Joy Fuhrman is a veterinarian and a Certified Public Accountant. As the Chief Operating Officer for Shepherd Software, a practice management system designed specifically for veterinarians, Joy helps practice owners and managers run their business seamlessly and effortlessly. She is committed to helping veterinarians thrive in both their business and their lives by building awareness of issues such as stress and burnout in her profession. She speaks nationally on a wide variety of topics from practice management to personal financial and emotional wellbeing.

Laurie Hall, Certified Facilitator

Laurie Hall is a certified facilitator, certified coach and seasoned speaker. Laurie facilitates programs and events to help companies, government agencies and professional associations to achieve the highest possible levels of effectiveness. She also provides executive, career and business coaching for individuals and groups to help people achieve their vision, goals and desires. She has coached clients from Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and around the world. A frequent keynote and breakout session speaker on technical and motivational topics to inspire personal and professional growth, Laurie has presented at dozens of conferences and professional meetings.

Ray Belton, Certified Facilitator

Ray is a Senior Project Manager for Houston Water with Houston Public Works. He has climbed the ranks from an entry-level employee to management and is a resilient, inspirational leader for the City of Houston. Ray earned his Certified Public Manager certification from Sam Houston State University and completed the Jack Welch Leadership Program from Strayer University. He is currently pursuing his B.A. in Business Leadership. Ray’s favorite resilience idea: “Live on your growing edge.” It requires Ray to make difficult requests of himself to succeed while intensifying his sense of purpose.

Alice Dendinger, Certified Facilitator

Alice is SPHR certified and has 30 years of experience in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development. She is often called upon to “transform the organizational culture.” Alice has focused her work on strategic management, organizational development, employee relations and performance management, assisting the leaders, managers and direct reports at every level to “work better together.” She has a Masters degree in communication and certification in DISC, Five Behaviors, MBTI and Emotional Intelligence Profile 2.0.

Melissa Master-Holder, Master Facilitator

Melissa has VP-level training and development, organizational development and design thinking experience from major companies. Her ability to create vision, stimulate rich, meaningful collaboration and design compelling strategy makes her a much sought after partner in large-scale organizational change efforts and cultural transformation. She has worked in the Learning and Development field for over 20 years and has served her clients through consultation, facilitation and coaching in the areas of leadership development, client experience, and operational management and communication skills.

David Winkelman, Creative Specialist and Visual Learning Facilitator

David’s 25+ year history in change management, strategic planning, meeting facilitation, and marketing incorporates four primary competencies: 1) Design and implementation of next-level initiatives; 2) Building collaboration within teams; 3) Leadership Development; 4) Creative infographics, presentations, and animated white-boards. His background in executive-level business management and change facilitation experience features a Fortune 100 track record (Ernst & Young Global Management Consulting), and agile problem solving for diverse organizations.


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