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Our Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)

Transform the workplace

We are a small-but-mighty leadership and organizational development consulting firm. Our purpose is to transform the workplace — to create a work environment of trust, respect, unity and human dignity — a place where everyone thrives.

The ROAR continues with the new paperback edition of ROAR: How to build a resilient organization the world famous San Diego Zoo way.
Sandy presents BE BOLD: How women rise up in leadership to 5000+ women leaders.
TRANSFORM Houston Public Works is launched.
ROAR is featured at the UCLA Anderson School of Business Chief Human Resource Officer retreat.
Sandy’s best-selling book ROAR was published telling the story of San Diego Zoo’s transformation.
San Diego Zoo wins several Best Place to Work and Healthiest Workplace awards.
Excellence at Work became the catalyst for an ambitious Merger & Acquisition of a major global Oil & Gas company (it all started with that call from Angola).
Sandy began consulting with San Diego Zoo Global and developed the “world-famous” leadership program.
Sandy received a call from and Oil & Gas company in Angola asking about Excellence at Work.
Cobham Defense Systems won the SHRM Grand Prize for Workplace Excellence.
Vericare won the SHRM Workplace Excellence award for their talent strategy.
The economic downturn crushed business but we were gritty and tenacious.
Modern Postcard won the Society for Human Resource Management Workplace Excellence award for transforming their culture.
Sandy’s house burned down and her first book Excellence at Work was published (no accident!).
Excellence at Work, our original signature program started to take off.
We almost packed it in and gave up.
Alliance for Organizational Excellence LLC is founded 3 months before 9/11.


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