Our Process

We Stay In Our Lane And Do What We Do Best

Curious about how we work?

Our approach is simple, ethical and designed to deliver massive value. If we don’t give you more value than what we contracted for, we don’t sleep well at night.


We explore, discover and uncover your best assets and biggest potholes, burning fires and 3 to 5 things that will be game changers. We ask a grass roots group of employees “what’s the ONE thing that will make your company thrive?” We listen, really well, because we know that the key to your company’s success is right in front of you even though you may not see it yet.

Craft a Roadmap

Once we have looked in every nook and cranny of your company, we craft a roadmap of how to catapult from current state to exponential growth. Slow, steady and incremental change doesn’t excite us much. We are advocates of 1+ 1 = 11. Let’s defy the odds and challenge predictable.

Grease the Pan

We love this part! And, we’re really good at it! Ironically this is the step many consulting firms or internal change makers skip over. But, we know that if you prepare the mindset and create the right consciousness your change efforts will be gracious, joyful and successful. Sounds unrealistic, but we’ve seen it over and over.


When you get the right people in the right room in the right environment and ask the right questions, creative collaboration emerges in ways you’ve never imagined. We don’t tell you what to do differently. No-one wants to be told they’re wrong or made a mistake. Instead, we create a context for you to re-imagine and re-invent yourself and your organization in a way that empowers, engages and excites everyone in your organization.


Our very unusual processes and approach enable you to transform quickly and joyfully – with a ROAR. We guide you to make decisions that typically take weeks, months or years or maybe never. We create a momentum and energy that is contagious (in a good way).


Now we allow the transformation to evolve in its own unique way. Watch where it catches fire and how quickly it spreads. Watch how people step up and take ownership. Notice how their eyes are shining with hope and excitement. Pay attention to better quality, improved performance and, without a doubt, higher engagement.

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