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We’ll share the secret sauce to navigating the tumult of change

The superpower of leaders who remain calm and focused, resilience is the single most valuable and least understood leadership competency. Through keynotes, workshops, and retreats, we build resilient leaders and empower them to create great places to work.

Hi, my name is Sandy Asch.

I’m a best-selling author, speaker, consultant and Women of Influence award winner. My book, ROAR, was named by Inc. magazine as one of the best business books written by a woman. My keynotes and leadership workshops have influenced tens of thousands of leaders worldwide.

Growing up in South Africa, I often observed the behavior of the lion and its pride. The courage and resilience of the lion inspired my work with the world-famous San Diego Zoo where I worked as a consultant for six years to get Zoo leaders ROARING with purpose and passion.

40,000 leaders in 50 countries and six languages have implemented my strategies to embrace change, manage work-life balance and be more resilient. I know resilience! I have lived on 4 continents at 45 addresses and now live in Austin with my husband, best friend and soulmate, Eric.

Sandy’s success is based on one simple philosophy

Begin with mindset

My 25+ years of success consulting with companies globally was built on one simple philosophy — at the foundation of every company’s success is mindset. I am obsessed with mindset. I’ve seen it over and over: elaborate, expensive processes are bankrupt if you don’t have the right mindset.

Mindset is everything. Mindset is at the core of every conversation, every decision, every behavior.

  • "As a CFO, my goal is to create value in the organization. With the help of Sandy Asch we built an environment where people can be most effective, become as good as they are, and even better than they should be, thereby adding value. We established an environment of creativity, innovation, trust and respect - all essential elements of a successful company. Some might ask how we can afford to offer a program like this to our entire employee population. I ask, 'How can we afford not to?'"
    Bill Lofft
  • "In less than 12-months we saw significant revenue gains of $3 million. Hiring and onboarding process was reduced from 90 to 45-days resulting in improved attraction and retention of talent. We won the Society for Human Resource Management Workplace Excellence Grand Prize Award. For the first time in eleven years this award was given to a small company."
    Molly Hammill
  • "Sandy is a passionate culture change agent. She is inspirational, yet practical, which allows her to connect with staff at all levels. Sandy facilitated our company retreat with precision, high-energy and real-life examples. One of our senior managers called the event 'life-changing.' She is a fearless expert, who will motivate you to bring out your very best. "
    Muriel Wheatley
    Executive Leader

Transformation Beats Change

Change makes people nervous and defensive — transformation inspires

At the heart of what we do is transform your team so they go to bed at night with a sense of achievement and fulfillment. When they do, they’re more engaged and they give their very best. When you get this right, everything else falls into place.

Lack of fulfillment burns people out, makes them sick and tired, and is causing the global employee engagement crisis.


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