Resilience is crucial for anything to thrive — from the smallest organism to a grass root, to large cities. And what is behind the motivation to be resilient? What is this powerful force that ignites the strength, tenacity and will to thrive? It’s the massive, transformative power of purpose! 

For the smallest organism, that purpose may be the most basic of all, to survive.

For us as human beings, it tends to be a lot bigger — such as helping our fellow man by building thriving communities, developing fulfilled adults who foster the growth and development of healthy, happy children. 

At play in Houston, TX, are several organizations that are leveraging the power of purpose and building resilience from the ground up. Among them are TEACH (To Educate All Children) and Houston Public Works.

TEACH is an organization that “provides educators with intensive training on classroom management, focusing on areas such as de-escalation, conflict resolution, building students’ self-image, and nonverbal communication.” For the past several years, they have concentrated their efforts solely in Houston where they are serving 25 schools in the 2019-20 school year.

Houston Public Works is an agency with “the largest and most diverse” infrastructure in the United States. They have over 4,000 employees with an annual operating budget of $2.1 billion. Their Director, Carol Haddock, is dedicated to developing resilient employees who together create a strong foundation for Houston to thrive. 

Last year, I launched Houston Public Works’ TRANSFORM initiative. The results have been remarkable. Employees are more positive, engaged and aligned around one purpose.

Both Houston Public Works and TEACH are making great strides to build communities and a city that thrives on the power of purpose.

If you would like to see transformative purpose in action and learn how to live and discover your own purpose, come to the free live event and reception taking place on March 11th at Houston’s Moody Center For The Arts. Register here for your complimentary spot.

The Power of Purpose: Creating a strong foundation for Houston to thrive” features presentations from inspiring speakers from Houston Public Works and a stand-out TEACH principal, as well as an interactive activity on living and discovering your purpose. Get ready to ROAR with purpose and passion!

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