I am happy to announce that coming up in December, I will be speaking on THE POWER OF SOFT STRENGTH at TedX Women at Embry Riddle Prescott.

TED Women’s 2019 conference theme is BE BOLD and BRILLIANT — without apology. TEDWomen conferences bring together a global community of people interested in exploring how change begins: with innovative thinkers who catalyze ideas toward action.

Changing the world doesn’t require that women become more like men. Rather, it demands that women own and exercise their innate leadership abilities to influence change through soft strength

Growing up in South Africa I took frequent trips through the wilderness where I eagerly observed the behavior of the lioness and took her cues on how to demonstrate a powerful presence and have the confidence to embrace your feminine attributes.


What some do not know is that lionesses, not the lions, are the hunters within their pride. They use their natural abilities and strengths to fulfill their purpose of providing for and protecting the pride. 

My personal story growing up with an abusive father, living in a war-torn country, chasing the American dream, being a single mom, becoming an entrepreneur, and everything in between, have taught me how to take a cue from the lioness to ROAR boldly.

My talk is to inspire women to rise up in leadership and embrace their strengths to influence change at a time when we are being called to speak up and take the lead more than ever. I love to share this story to inspire other women to LET THEIR OWN ROAR BE HEARD.

The TedX Women: Be Bold talk will be available online this winter! Stay tuned!  

Comment below and share what makes you bold and brilliant!

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